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Best recovery drinks for triathletes

Dec 28, 2020

Best recovery drinks for triathletes

One just needs to trawl through an online website or walk into a supermarket and they are hit with an array of “recovery” drinks; from UHT long-life bottles to aisle upon aisle of fresh milkshakes and permutations of yoghurt based and milk-based...

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Should we fuel indoor training?

Dec 28, 2020

Hands up who has embraced more indoor turbo training than they ever have with lockdown ?! Some athletes have even bought treadmills and set up their own pain caves at home!

Whilst training inside doesn’t change your requirements for carbohydrates or fluids it may be that the intensity that...

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Optimise Your Nutrition In The Offseason

Dec 14, 2020

Let’s face it: it hasn’t exactly been a “normal” season of racing this year and for most athletes, the summer has brought either huge mileage on the bike or less training with changes in routine due to lockdown. As triathletes, we are pretty resilient creatures and crave...

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Hydration 101

Dec 11, 2020

How Much Should I Drink and How Can I Monitor it?

There are different approaches when it comes to hydration. The reality is that there are some many factors playing into one’s circumstances that it becomes a very personal situation. It is important to understand some best practices when...

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Interview with 4thDiscipline Pro Athlete Morgan Pearson

Dec 06, 2020

We recently caught up with Morgan Pearson, US triathlete and 4th Discipline Ambassador, about the Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon, held in September 2020. We discussed his experiences en route to becoming the fastest American in the Elite Men’s race and helping Team USA bag...

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Testing with 4thDiscipline

Nov 29, 2020

It certainly has been a testing time over the last 5 months since the beginning of lockdown but as the country slowly opens back up, pools and gyms reopen and even some races are you as an athlete ready to test yourself once more?

Infraphic 2 -2.png

Well I ask you this: What drives an athlete to...

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