3 things I wish I had known by Georgie Cohen

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2022

Written by International Skeleton Athlete Georgie Cohen

Claire Fudge is an internationally renowned high-performance dietitian and her input became rewarding in the day-to-day very quickly, with visible changes in my weightlifting training progression, quality of sled push reps, body composition and mood.

In order to simplify my 3 main learnings for others (sic) I'd say:

How quickly I would see a reward

The transition to suddenly having enough energy saw my body performing better at each training session - improved energy levels saw my output become consistently higher quality. When that’s happening consistently at your daily training, you are consistently able to put in more effort - that means you’re going to have a better overall performance level. 

The next level of mindset

When someone is showing up for you, you feel a new motivation to show up for yourself; it turns on a new switch.   

I oftentimes talk about a cog in a wheel and working with Claire made the whole thing start turning faster. I believe a shift in mindset contributed positively to this. Claire’s knowledge is extensive and I trust her; trust is important when you’re making decisions that ultimately affect your goals. There’s a mental shift that happens that made a big difference in my training.

Most probiotics don’t work 

This came as a surprise to me. I didn’t know that most probiotics don’t live long enough to reach the part of your gut that needs it most - even some of the well-known brands. Claire introduced Symprove after my injury last December when I experienced some not-so-fun effects of the ‘brain x gut axis’. 

Symprove was separately recommended by my doctor. Adding probiotics that work has played a part in giving my body what it needed to recover properly after an injury. I learned that working with a nutritionist can help you choose the right brand, not just for approved substances, but one that works well for your body.

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