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Clean Sport Testing

Aug 30, 2022

As a UKAD advisor and a SENr registered high performance nutritionist, it is my role to help educate athletes, coaches, parents, and staff about the safe use of supplements and medications.

Athletes are bound by the rules of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) where banned substances are listed;...

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Giving Your Body What it Needs

Aug 11, 2022

Written by International Skeleton Athlete Georgia Cohen. 

Have you asked yourself if you are giving your body what it needs to achieve what you’re asking of it? 

I met Claire through Team Bath when I was training during a key stage of my development in the Olympic...

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Travel hacks for athletes (with intolerances!)

Jul 20, 2022

I’m Jem - lifelong athlete (ballerina turned triathlete turned distance runner - yes really, and it’s a story for another blog!) travel lover….AND coeliac 

I’m writing this from somewhere up in the sky over Central America after a month long hiatus in Costa Rica.


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Time To Get Cool About Sweating

Jul 02, 2022

We do it when we’re hot, anxious or embarrassed … and sometimes feel more anxious and embarrassed as a result. Time to get cool about sweating

Summertime and while iced drinks, shady retreats or a dip in the sea can take the heat off, most of us tend to feel a bit stickier...

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Prebiotics and Probiotics for Athletes

May 06, 2022

Prebiotics: Probiotics why is everyone talking about them and do you actually know what they are?!

Probiotics and prebiotics are hot topics in the world of nutrition and all over every magazine and social media article, from suggestions of helping with gut issues, the effect on the gut-lung axis...

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Diabetes Type 1 and Exercise

Sep 01, 2021

Can we track and manage blood sugar levels in sport? 

Yes; in fact, the way we manage blood glucose levels has improved significantly with the introduction of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). This has not only been significant in athletes in sport with Type 1 diabetes but it has also...

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Sleep for Athletes: Learn How To Sleep Like A Pro!

Aug 06, 2021

Sleep for Athletes

Are you getting enough good quality sleep? For most of us, that answer is sadly no. So much to do. So many things on our minds. Sore bodies and stressful routines don’t help too much either- would I be right there?!

For busy athletes trying to balance training,...

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Milk & Recovery

Jun 14, 2021

Is milk a good sports drink?

Yes, milk the ideal recovery option we need look no further than the humble glass of milk. Milk is easy to digest and has a nutritional composition that makes it an ideal recovery drink. It is a rich source of high-quality protein contains all the essential amino...

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Breakfast for Athletes

Mar 31, 2021

Eat Like a King Or...Not?

Prompted by the systematic review and meta-analysis in the BMJ in 2019 (1); prompted the question about whether we should eat breakfast “like a king” or indeed at all?!

Interestingly, the conclusion from 13 studies into weight change and energy intake...

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Running in the heat

Mar 29, 2021



We have been lucky enough to have some fantastic weather over lockdown and this week is set for more sunshine and soaring temperatures in the UK and Europe.

Sometimes work can get in the way of our busy training schedules (or is it the other way around?!)

So this...

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