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Should we fuel indoor training?

Dec 28, 2020

Hands up who has embraced more indoor turbo training than they ever have with lockdown ?! Some athletes have even bought treadmills and set up their own pain caves at home!

Whilst training inside doesn’t change your requirements for carbohydrates or fluids it may be that the intensity that does. Often when we do an indoor turbo session it may be more intense, shorter, sharper; a snappier session than we may have when we ride out for 3hrs. The same goes for a treadmill session; often treadmill training is a great way to set out some specific interval sessions.

So does this change how we should fuel?

It depends…if you are performing a high-intensity session for 45 minutes or longer you may need to think about topping up your carbohydrates even if you have fuelled pre-workout.

Making sure you have adequate glycogen stores for most athletes is a focus for the last meal. If your last meal was more than 3-4hrs you may need to think about a top-up snack about 1-2hrs...

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Optimise Your Nutrition In The Offseason

Dec 14, 2020

Let’s face it: it hasn’t exactly been a “normal” season of racing this year and for most athletes, the summer has brought either huge mileage on the bike or less training with changes in routine due to lockdown. As triathletes, we are pretty resilient creatures and crave routine, numbers and a challenge! So without fixtures in calendars this year many athletes have tried to hold onto some end of season races and duathlons.

But as any good coach worth his/ her salt will know; an offseason/some downtime/time out is required. We simply can not keep on training at the same intensity and being “race ready” 365 days a year. It has been frustrating for many athletes who have got “race ready” a number of times this year only to sit on their turbo at home or dream of the race that could have been. 

So as training starts to taper down and your schedule starts to enter a new mesocycle or period so too should thinking around nutrition.


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Hydration 101

Dec 11, 2020

How Much Should I Drink and How Can I Monitor it?

There are different approaches when it comes to hydration. The reality is that there are some many factors playing into one’s circumstances that it becomes a very personal situation. It is important to understand some best practices when it comes to hydration, as well as to learn how you can take a more personalised approach to fluid replenishment at home.

Fluid is both personal and often not as straightforward as a text book answer.

There are some guidelines, but new (sometimes conflicting) research is coming out all the time!

The two main schools of thought are ‘drink to thirst’ and ‘drink to plan’.

This might seem intuitive, and more comfortable for you too, but with nerves and other race conditions coming in to play, this may not be effective. Whilst in shorter races or training this may not be so much of a problem, take a long race like Ironman especially- if you are out there for...

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Interview with 4thDiscipline Pro Athlete Morgan Pearson

Dec 06, 2020

We recently caught up with Morgan Pearson, US triathlete and 4th Discipline Ambassador, about the Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon, held last 5 Sep 2020, and his experiences en route to becoming the fastest American in the Elite Men’s race, and helping Team USA bag silver in the Mixed Relay World Championships.

The Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon markets itself as the world’s biggest triathlon, and it is indeed one of the major events triathletes look forward to in the ITU World Triathlon Series.

However, due to the pandemic, certain changes and precautions have been made this year to ensure the safety and security of the participants. For many, it was their first real competition in months.

It was a gargantuan feat to pull off, but the success of the event is a testament to the dedication and preparedness of both the organisation and the athletes.

We talked with Morgan about his own preparation, both physically and mentally, as he competes within the Hamburg...

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Testing with 4thDiscipline

Nov 29, 2020

It certainly has been a testing time over the last 5 months since the beginning of lockdown but as the country slowly opens back up, pools and gyms reopen and even some races are you as an athlete ready to test yourself once more?

Infraphic 2 -2.png

Well I ask you this: What drives an athlete to race?

It may be our desire to compete and win? Or to test the verge of our own limits perhaps and have the lightening speed time to prove it.

Whatever your drive is, as athletes we seem to like to have data.

BUT to get that data we have to put ourselves through certain tests- some are relatively easy in terms of pushing ourselves such as a simple blood test whilst some are far more punishing like that dreaded FTP test!

 There are so many metrics that we use in sport to test, measure and compare: power, heart rate, cadence, weight, body composition, sweat or sodium testing and biomarkers to name but a few!



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