Giving Your Body What it Needs

Aug 11, 2022
Georgina Cohen International Skeleton Athlete

Written by International Skeleton Athlete Georgie Cohen. 

Have you asked yourself if you are giving your body what it needs to achieve what you’re asking of it? 

I met Claire through Team Bath when I was training during a key stage of my development in the Olympic qualification season. We have worked together in three areas - summer training, which is intensive weightlifting, push start training and sprinting, the competitive season in winter and unfortunately, experiencing a concussion during training for a race, I continue to work with her post-injury. 

During the summer training, the load went up massively and I was not able to achieve my potential in the training sessions, feeling drained and fatigued. I had done my reading and kept to what I thought was the diet I needed but my body wasn’t able to keep up with what I was asking of it.

 woman wearing blue jacket on winter

Adding to that, my sleep wasn’t great because in the background, I had unrecognized food intolerances. Claire is an expert when it comes to allergies - which can of course add an extra layer of complexity to athletes who are training and traveling all over the world. 

Claire asked all the right questions and helped me address both the energy needed for training load as well as managing the intolerances, which obviously worked together.

We made adjustments to the types of food I was having and exactly when I was going to eat them. We discussed what works before and after a training session, so that I am getting the most out of my energy and bringing my best self to a training session. Furthermore, what’s needed to recover properly and give my body what it needs to be able to come back and do it the next day.

"The changes that we made were completely manageable. I wasn’t presented with an overwhelming task load" - Georgina

image of skeleton race winter olympic

We’ve worked closely throughout the three stages I mentioned and introduced the right things at the right time, including probiotics. The changes that we made were completely manageable. I wasn’t presented with an overwhelming task load that was another thing to add to my list - for example, everyone can make a bagel with cream cheese and raspberries and then have a protein shake after training. It was a realistic approach to a body and intensive period. 

Nutrition is such an important cog in the wheel for the big picture and Claire has led me carefully in making the changes that have been needed to see improvement quickly and manageably. I’m really excited to be a 4th Discipline athlete and continue to work with Claire. 

“Changes don’t need to be complicated, they need to be realistic, practical and meet requirements as best as they can.” - Claire Fudge, Clinical Dietician, High-Performance Nutritionist, and 4thDiscipline Founder

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