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A guided journey

6-Step Science Led Journey Supported by
High Performance Clinical Dietitians and


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Exploration -
What are your challenges and barriers

“Your Why” – Explore and expose YOUR current challenges YOUR barriers to change, YOUR goals and WHY your journey has brought you here. Why are you here?

Lifestyle -
Scientific Analysis

Analysis – Reveal WHERE you are now and WHERE you realistically need to be to reach your goals, “WHY you Do What YOU Do”.


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Realism -
Setting Achievable Goals

Goal Setting – Focus on where YOU are going, target realistic personalised GOALS for YOU to gain realistic sustainable CHANGE to your LIFE and PERFORMANCE

Pathway -
Targets and Feedback

Steps & Target – Stripping back to the bare bones skeleton of YOUR current nutrition, formulating a step by step personalised strategy to reach YOUR goals.

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Empower -
Gaining Knowledge and Tools

Enabling Accountability – Giving YOU the TOOLS and accountability to implement change and recognise YOUR triggers to old cycles.

Impact -
Life-Long Change

Sustainable Impact – Using the methods learned to embed sustainable changes to YOUR nutrition and informed decision making for YOUR OWN PERSONAL performance day by day.


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The Bridge -
Re-Analyse and Re-set

Re-Analysis of metrics and data, interpret, re-aligning goals, refocusing on tweaking steps to align with new goals, embedding new behaviours, thinking process and planning.

Featured Articles

  • “If you work with Claire you get so much more than a nutritionist. Sure Claire will tell you to 'eat this, eat that' but she will educate you as to why you’re eating that. She will give you the most amazing support through everything a busy life and packed training schedule can throw at you.”

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  • “I have really appreciated the holistic approach to your guidance that reflects a genuine desire to teach me the skills I need to become the healthiest and strongest athlete I can be. ”

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  • “Thank you for the call this morning. Your encouragement means a lot at a time when work and training is difficult and I cannot see the journey back to ‘normal’. Also, your positivity is highly contagious - I feel better already.”

    Elite Group Athlete
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