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Corporate Consultancy

Accelerate your leaders performance

We spearhead optimal performance in busy professionals and professionals with a passion for sport. We help you find the key to your true potential.

As a business leader, unlock the potential and find the key to enhancing productivity within leaders and the wider team. A well oiled, slick team with efficient, healthy and productive employees takes more than an occasional well-being program and exercise regimes.

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“Employees with unhealthy diets are 66% more likely to report having a loss in productivity”

“Those who didn’t believe their workplace would support them in becoming healthier were more likely to have a drop in productivity”

- 22,000 employees, Brigham Young University, Ray Merrill

We believe there is a recipe for success; and we have the missing ingredient!

No more prescriptive meal plans, fad diets and generic exercise regimes but energy optimisation for peak performance throughout your work and life of your leaders and employees.

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“Just like put the wrong fuel into the tank, pushing on and off the gas is inefficient and costly to both energy and budget; especially when this is repeated consistently and can have long term effects”

People are often “present” but not productive

Like a battery running on half-empty; they have little energy available to spare. Many professionals recognise that they could optimise their lifestyles; reaching for quick fixes……… but too often quick fixes fail

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Empowering leaders with knowledge and skills allows for a well-rounded employee

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Sam often works irregular shifts sometimes only to be told last minute. We worked together so he had the skills for appetite management and recognising hunger. He has consistently been able to reach a body composition for racing and maintains good recovery.

“I run better, I feel better, I’m not getting injured, and I sleep well” – Sam (Lieutenant Royal Navy)

Laura has a hectic schedule with work, training, and children; as well as managing changes in health. We stripped back the barriers to change and got to the real problems before setting out practical realistic goals to easily manage performance and energy day-to-day

“transformed my life everyday; considered every part of the puzzle, how it affected how I was feeling and performing…Claire changed my life” - Laura (Marketing Executive)

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“Consistently seeking inappropriate advice; not fit for purpose won’t get results”

A guided journey

6-Step Science Led Journey Supported by High Performance Clinical Dietitians and Nutritionists

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To gain a greater insight into how we can optimise you in your sport and in life with a recipe that leads to sustainable change, book a call

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Get Your Free Meal Planner

Plan out your week around your training. Use the meal planner to really start to think and prepare for the week ahead so you can start fully fuelled, optimise your recovery and get the most out of your training.

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Optimising you for sport and life