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Corporate consultancy:

We are committed to providing science and evidence led direction, advice and practical solutions for sport businesses, corporate health, media, television, dietetic led clinical advice and projects based on individual needs.

This is not another Hr “wellness” offering. We don’t come and speak or dictate. We enable change through learning, and equipping leaders with the information and tools to be able to change their nutrition and health around their busy working, travel, sport and home life.

Consultancy may include a business wide nutrition diagnostics, 4D performance projects, spearheaded by solutions to current problems and an annual programme to support leaders to optimise nutrition to enable high performance across business days, travel and life.

We offer a high level performance 4D clinics and Velocity office hours for leaders, 24:7 online resources and performance nutrition supporting corporate squads and sports team

“My performance rocketed; I completed my two dreams in one season”


“it’s been absolutely life-changing”


Are you?

Age group, elite or professional athlete looking to gain the edge on your competition by optimising nutrition to fuel your performance in an efficient, effective, and practical way by sharing the costs with a small group of athletes?


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Let us find out more about you; the key outcomes from working together, your main challenges, and how we can help you optimise your performance in sport and life!


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Plan out your week around your training. Use the meal planner to really start to think and prepare for the week ahead so you can start fully fuelled, optimise your recovery and get the most out of your training.

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