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Clinical Consultancy

Clinical Consultancy is tailored nutrition advice and direction appropriate for you and your medical condition.

We provide informed, qualified professional advice working with current theory, guidelines and research, translating it into practical advice and easy-to-understand learning.

Whether you have a new diagnosis of diabetes, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), restrictive intake, renal disease, IBD (Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis), eating disorders/disordered eating, REDS (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport), to lipid lowering advice, spinal injuries, post-surgical (bowel resection/ spinal injury/ bone fractures) we can support you on your journey to optimising your health and understanding how to manage your nutrition around your condition.

Very often a stretched healthcare system leaves little time for qualified professionals to spend the time they need to help support you and to understand clinical nutrition for your condition.

This can leave individuals confused about what to eat to help support health or symptoms.

Ella worked hard to understand how much fuel her body needed to recover and regain her health and her relationship and trust with food.

“I could start to eat intuitively again; I recovered my menstrual cycle and eat intuitively without any fear; she was there with support and guidance”

“Just tell me what to eat” won’t work ; not long term at least. It doesn’t teach you skills, knowledge and doesn’t allow for the understanding about your condition and what nutrition works for you”

We don’t carry out or suggest any testing that is not a recognised and evidenced-based approach to care.

We don’t carry out or suggest any testing that is not a recognised and evidenced-based approach to care.We empower you with knowledge and skills, allowing for understanding and clarity.

We take every individual on a personal journey.

A guided journey

6-Step Science Led Journey Supported by High Performance Clinical Dietitians and Nutritionists


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