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Clinical Consultancy:

Unlike what you may think seeing a dietitian for a medical condition doesn’t necessarily and often doesn’t mean a prescription diet or diet plans!

Whilst some medical conditions may require an element of being a little more prescriptive such as with coeliac disease, renal disease at certain stages and certain bowel conditions we work with clients to ensure that they understand what they require to manage their medical condition and why.

We help support them along our 6 step journey to ensure that they meet their goals and come away with an understanding how to manage their diet as part of medical condition, and optimise how they feel, putting them back in the driving seat making positive informed choices about food. We work with clients to meet their nutritional goals in a safe, evidence-based and practical manner.

You will have a full in depth assessment, nutritional analysis, symptoms assessment and report to allow us to understand your needs and where you are now with your medical condition and current nutrition. This allows us to set out goals and the sets to get you there. Whilst you may have a sample plan written with you, you will not need lots of set out “diet plans” ! 

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