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Accelerator Programme

As an athlete, as a professional, unlock your true potential in sport and enhance your life.

We spearhead optimal performance in busy professionals and professionals with a passion for sport. We help you find the key to your true potential.

“Some carbon wheelsets weigh in at 1.5kg, proving marginal gains; but will only make you faster if you have enough power to maintain the speed at which the aerodynamic gains become significant”

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Did you know that a DNF at Ironman events can be 5-10%; with >20% in extreme conditions?

Poor nutrition and hydration are one of the main reasons for a DNF (did not finish)

On average the costs are between £1500-£20000 to enter and race an ironman event; that is a lot to invest to be let down by the one area you didn’t pay attention to!


The two things that will make you faster and will unlock your potential are Consistency in training and nutrition.

“Riding a bike with slow puncture; topping it up with air will only slow you down. Eventually it will stop you from cycling. Rather than putting air into a tyre that doesn’t hold pressure; look for the cause of puncture, how can you prevent it, fix it and ride consistently “

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No more prescriptive meal plans, fad diets and generic race plans but energy optimisation for peak performance, recovery and racing.

We believe there is a recipe for success; and we have the missing ingredient!

“Just like putting the wrong fuel into the tank, pushing on and off the gas is inefficient and costly to both energy and budget; often with long-term effects when carried out consistently”

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We don’t tell you what to do. We don't just provide you with a "diet plan". We don’t talk about “superfoods” and “clean eating” . We equip you with knowledge and skills for lifelong sustainable change.

Quick fixes fail

Ironman Athletes train between 520-930 hours per year!!

Race didn’t go to plan? Invested time, financially and personally all season to be let down by nutrition or GI distress?

Like a battery running on half empty; not addressing nutrition and hydration will only give you half the power.

That is like dedicating 39 full 24hr days to training…..

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We empower you with knowledge and skills, with accountability and clear goals every step of the way.

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Sam often works irregular shifts sometimes only to be told last minute. We worked together so he had the skills for appetite management and recognising hunger. He has consistently been able to reach a body composition for racing and maintains good recovery.

“I run better, I feel better, I’m not getting injured, and I sleep well” – Sam (Lieutenant Royal Navy)

Sarah works in a fast-paced environment and had come to us with one big challenge to complete on the bike. Diving deeper into the real problems sat beneath not only did we solve the puzzle of GI symptoms throughout her working day but also in sport. Sometimes what you think you want is only half of what you actually NEED!

“You quite literally changed my life; I could not have done this without you” (Executive)

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“Consistently seeking inappropriate advice; not fit for purpose or spending money on new gear for small marginal gains won’t get results”

A guided journey

6-Step Science Led Journey Supported by High Performance Clinical Dietitians and Nutritionists

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Free Discovery Call if you are an Athlete with Diabetes

Are you an athlete with diabetes looking to optimise your performance and blood glucose?

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Plan out your week around your training. Use the meal planner to really start to think and prepare for the week ahead so you can start fully fuelled, optimise your recovery and get the most out of your training.

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