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Optimising you
for sport and life.

Nailing body

Nailing body composition, appropriate weight for racing and health, REDs (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport), sleep, performance, recovery, racing or GI distress (runner's diarrhea/trots) is a constant challenge for our clients and those wanting to optimise performance not just for sport; but for life. We are a company that specialises in helping people reach their goals.

Whether you are a busy professional trying to juggle the demands of training, work and home life, a professional athlete who competes (triathlon/cycling/running), a professional or Elite age group athlete or wanting to optimise health for medical conditions - we can help with this challenge!

We’ve made it our mission

Have you spent hours trawling articles, social media and blogs about sports nutrition, a diet for triathlon or optimising your nutrition for performance?

With so much misinformation in today's world of sports nutrition and complex, misleading information; we simplify it all by adding science-based expertise and experience and personalise for your unique needs.

We’ll strip you back to the core; reveal your strong skeleton; re-building and reinforcing your matrix to deliver and sustain optimum performance in sport and life.

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Why People Choose Us:

A guided journey

6-Step Science Led Journey to help you achieve life long change.

Supported by High Performance Clinical Dietitians and Nutritionists



What We Offer

How would it feel to have an experienced, professional strip back YOUR nutrition around training or medical condition, understand your lifestyle pulls and provide direction with realistic goals ?


We offer five packages to optimise YOU; tailored to you for performing in sport and life.

High performance Coaching

Easy access to support, education and sustainable change for your nutrition and body composition. A sports-science led 3-6 month journey through the triathlon seasons; covering all you need to know about what, when, how to fuel, race plan, strategies for recovery, injury strategies and body composition.

Accelerator programme

Personalised Coaching. You will reach your goals faster than ever before with our personalised 1:1 individualised programme. Qualified Mentorship. As qualified professionals, we equip you with the skills to make informed, intelligent decisions about nutrition and your health.

Clinical Consultancy For Medical Conditions

Clinical Consultancy is a personalised, clinically tailored nutrition for medical conditions. From renal disease, IBS, IBD (Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis), eating disorder/disordered eating, REDs (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport).

Corporate Consultancy

We are committed to providing science and evidence led direction, advice and practical solutions for sport businesses, corporate health, media, television, dietetic led clinical advice and projects based on individual needs.

Train With Me: Educational Courses and Camps

Immersive camps bring together people with a shared passion to spend time and connect, while learning about the science of optimal performance. Fully scoping out what your business or club or squad requires we tailor educational content and courses to suit your individual needs.

Why People Choose Us

  • “revolutionised how I eat; from my former race snacks mindset to a proper fuelling strategy-it’s made a demonstrable difference in my form”

    Age Group Endurance Athlete and Triathlete

  • “identified my intolerances in everyday life; helped me fuel my training sessions; put together a plan for racing; advice is second to none”

    Age Group Endurance Triathlete

  • “My performance rocketed; I completed my two dreams in one season”

    Age Group Championship Endurance Triathlete

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Free Discovery Call

Let us find out more about you; the key outcomes from working together, your main challenges, and how we can help you optimise your performance in sport and life!


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Plan out your week around your training. Use the meal planner to really start to think and prepare for the week ahead so you can start fully fuelled, optimise your recovery and get the most out of your training.


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