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Dietary Analysis and Forth Edge Blood Biomarkers

Adding a blood biomarkers test to your consultation gives you an in-depth insight into where your body is right now and how it is responding and managing your training load.

When added to your initial consultation or with your coaching package, I can use in-depth information regarding your nutritional intake, your training load, questions regarding health and to make appropriate recommendations based on the blood test findings.

Using a strategic implementation of regular blood biomarkers testing across an athletes training cycles can help us understand how an athlete responds to training but also helps us to ensure that an athlete is recovering appropriately, and even how we can periodise certain nutrients.


Blood Testing From £84.15

(usually £99.00 .15% discount applied when booked through 4th Discipline). 

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Precision Fuel & Hydration Sweat Testing

- Comprehensive testing of sweat sodium full explanation and report

- Discussion and initial recommendations of suitable products based on test results and individual athlete requirements for training and racing

- Recommendations on fluid and sodium requirements to dial to your nutritional strategy

- Partner discounts

Precision Fuel & Hydration Sweat & Sodium Testing - £120

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ISAK Body Composition


- Complete body composition analysis testing based on ISAK measurements

- Comprehensive report of findings

- Sports specific comparison data

- Body composition information E-book

- Full discussion about the findings of your analysis in relation to your sport and weight goals

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