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Know it's important... but no idea where to start, who to trust or how to optimise?


Sounds like nutrition for triathlon.

We understand how difficult it can be to get solid advice that is both trustworthy and practical.

Fitting in 3 sports (usually with a busy lifestyle) is challenging for the body, the mins and to fit into a 24hr day!


As a high-performance dietitian and an Ironman athlete myself- I totally understand the challenges you face, and I am ready to help you cut out the nonsense and focus on the important things.


Join the FUEL ME: Fundamentals Of Food For Triathlon Course to learn the simple, practical and scientifically based methods to enhance your nutrition and your sports performance in 2021.

What to expect in the FUEL ME course

 (January Edition)

1. What Is Measured Is Managed

Learn which metrics to track for your nutrition and body composition, how to interpret that data and how to make sense of it all! None of the nonsense, all of the important stuff. 


2. What To Eat PRE Training

Know exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how much you need to fuel your performance and training sessions. 



3. What To Eat Post Training

Know exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how much you need to optimise recovery and adaption to the training you have been doing.


4. Meal Planning & Prepping

Think there 'just isn't enough time' for good nutrition? Think again! It doesn't have to be fancy, expensive or complicated to be nutritious for your body. We will show you how to fuel yourself effectively on even the busiest days!

5. Hydration Planning

Optimising hydration is key to maintain our health and performance. Learn the fundamentals of drinking and electrolytes intake during and around sessions.


6. Body Composition

Do you struggle with your body composition or managing your weight (keeping it up or keeping it down) across training cycles? Learn how to find the sweet spot for your own unique body, understand how to eat intuitively and to listen to the hunger and fullness cues your body is sending you.

Learn how to take control of your day to day fuelling around your training to help manage your appetite and your body composition. 

"Learning about nutrients can be a little overwhelming but the knowledge and understanding from 4thD was a whole new learning curve to training. 

Some items I would never have picked up in a supermarket are now top of the shopping list! I’ve learnt how to understand what my body needs and doesn’t need to perform not necessarily a personal best but to perform and feel good about my achievement. 

I now have this knowledge for life. Thank you!"
- 4thD Athlete


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  • 6 Key Modules taught through videos with Claire Fudge
  • Downloadable Macronutrient & Snack Guides (worth £100)
  • Free Group Call with Claire Fudge

All The Tools You Need To Successfully Adapt Your Diet For Sports Performance

Join the thousands of athletes I have worked with to optimise their health and performance through dietary changes.

This course will provide you with realistic, practical and actionable advice, that is grounded in science and real-world experience.

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Meet your Mentor

High-Performance Nutritionist & Ironman Athlete Claire Fudge

Hi! I am Claire.

It's taken 17+ years of clinical dietetics, 3 degrees, postgraduate certificates, diplomas, accreditations and over 20 Ironman races and helping literally hundreds of athlete worldwide to reach their sports goals to get where I am today.

I am a huge believer in Theory vs Practice with a true understanding that sometimes 'life' and 'ideal' nutrition just don't mix!

That is why I am so passionate about helping you (like so many before you) to break down the complexities, carve out the necessities and give you the TRIED, TESTED, PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE sports nutrition knowledge you need.

By the end of this short course, you will know exactly WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat it and HOW to optimise your training nutrition for performance.


My last marathon New York was the most enjoyable and ‘comfortable’ 26.2 miles ran! No stomach issues during the run and no issues post-marathon! 



Claire has helped me with day to day, training, race day and recovery nutrition. I know what I need to do. 



I feel a lot more in control of my daily eating and now have the knowledge to navigate the day without constantly consulting tracking apps and the scales for reassurance.



Usually £449

  • 6 Key Modules taught through videos with Claire Fudge
  • Downloadable Macronutrient & Snack Guides (worth £100)
  • Free Group Call with Claire Fudge

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